Friday, December 28, 2012

Help! Send Money!

To All People of Good Will who read this blog from time to time:

Sr. Phylis speaking at a town hall meeting
The end of the year approaches, and with the Grace of God, we will mark another moment along our way.

This weekend offers us all some time to review last year’s list of resolutions, and see where in this new year we might act more kindly, walk more humbly, and feel more compassionately (speaking for myself!).

We might get a chance to offer a heart-felt prayer for peace, for a time for the beauty that beckons us all to have its moment with us, and bless us.

And, if we are of a generous heart, we might, too, take a moment to break out the checkbook to offer a tax-deductible contribution to a worthy cause.

As for the cause, I offer you Proyecto Juan Diego, a 501 (c) 3 charity, is a community-based program that has done phenomenal work in my old neighborhood of Cameron Park. Proyecto Juan Diego is directed by Sr. Phylis Peters, a Daughter of Charity who brings her own generosity, compassion, and, so very welcomed as well, a stubborn, hard-headed conviction that things can be better, and, by God (yes indeed) they will be.

Proyecto Juan Diego’s programs are too many to mention, other than that they serve the poorest people in the nation. They  work, comprehensively,  with youth, the elderly, those who are sick, and those who are ready to bring some change to their community.

Your donation will yield many times its value, I assure you.

You can read about them here: and there is a place there in which you can contribute online.

Or you could write them at this address:

Sr. Phylis Peters, DC
2216 Eduardo Ave.
 Brownsville, Texas 78526
(956) 542-2488
(956) 542- 2334

Cheers!  And Happy New Year!!